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Star Wars: KoTOR remake isn’t cancelled; still in the works from Saber Interactive, insider says

Recent reports that the Star Wars: KoTOR remake was deader than Bantha poodoo, or as industry insider Jeff Grubb, of the Game Mess Mornings podcast actually put it, “deader than dogs—,” might be unsubstantiated, says Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier.

“‘Is it alive?’ and ‘will it ever actually come out?’ are two very different questions,” Schreier wrote on the ResetEra forums on Tuesday. “A third is ‘if it does ever come out, what will it actually look like?’

He continued, “That said, I’ve talked to two people at Saber who both say they’re still currently working on it, so I don’t believe that the comment that it isn’t being worked on ‘in any way’ right now is true.”

Schreier later elaborated on Twitter/X, “Can’t say whether the KoTOR Remake will ever actually come out, but yes, two people from Saber Interactive tell me they’re still on it, despite recent rumors that nobody is working on the game (Saber took the project from Aspyr last year, as Bloomberg reported then).”

Star Wars: KoTOR/BioWare

Previously, Jeff Grubb had stated, “It seems deader than dogs— because that game feels like it cannot happen without a partner like Sony, because Sony is out, and because Lucasfilm doesn’t like spending money on games anymore.

“What they do is they find partners who can develop, and then they have those partners find a way to self-fund or find a partner of their own.”

Grubb actually replied to Schreier’s statement above on Twitter/X, saying “I’m happy to hear this. Like I said — this game is *very* unlikely to happen without a partner like Sony. And Sony seems to want nothing to do with it now. Maybe someone at Saber gets this together to pitch to someone else.”

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The Star Wars: KoTOR remake was officially announced at the Playstation Showcase 2021, where it was reported to be a PC and Playstation 5 timed exclusive. The trailer featured the voice of Jedi Master protagonist Bastila Shan and a quick glimpse of Sith Lord Darth Revan igniting his red lightsaber. The game’s development was put on hiatus last year when there was reported dissatisfaction with a game demo shown to Lucasfilm and Sony from video game company Aspyr.

Are you relieved that the Star Wars: KoTOR remake isn’t cancelled and is reportedly still in development from Saber Interactive? Are you looking forward to playing the Star Wars: KoTOR remake or do you think it’ll never see the light of day? Let us know in the comments.

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