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‘Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor’ spin-off in the vein of ‘Vampire Survivors’ on the way from Ghost Ship Publishing

Ghost Ship Publishing is looking to build upon the recent success of Deep Rock Galactic with a brand-new, top-down auto-shooter in the vein of Vampire Survivors called Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor will take place on the planet Hoxxes and see players attempt to “collect and assemble a devastating array of guns, unleash hell upon wave after wave of alien monsters in fast and frenetic combat, and tunnel [their] way to collect precious riches from deep within the cave walls.” Much like the baseline Deep Rock Galactic game, each cave (and enemy wave) in DRG: Survivor will be procedurally generated, ensuring that no two missions one engages in will be quite the same as the last.

According to its description, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor will also feature progressively more difficult missions from which the player will be able to choose in the order of their preference: “Delve deep, Miner! Once the Drop Pod releases you into the oppressive darkness, you are on your own. Complete the mission objectives set forth by the Company, and make it back to the Drop Pod in time to try your luck at even more deadly and lucrative encounters. Choose your route though a path of harder and harder missions while you grow ever stronger, survive all the way to the very end of your assignment, and finally get extracted alongside your hefty sack of loot.”

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor/Ghost Ship Publishing

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, which launch as Early Access game on Steam sometime in 2023, will feature four playable characters, over 30 weapons, over between three to five biomes to explore. Ghost Ship Publishing also says there will be over 10 enemy types at launch as well as one to three bosses to take on. The publisher also stated that the “finished version will contain more of every type of content, as well as other features—all to be determined as we receive and review feedback from the community during Early Access.”

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Are you excited for the Deep Rock Galactic series to expand with the upcoming Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, a spin-off in the vein of Vampire Survivors? Let us know in the comments.

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