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Halo Infinite campaign overview trailer reveals purple Cortana, Marine AI and more

Halo Infinite

After a couple of delays, the game’s former director resigning and even a number of “unfounded” leaks, 343 Industries dropped a new Halo Infinite campaign trailer Monday morning which should alleviate fears that the upcoming Halo installment will underdeliver on the experience we’ve come to expect from the flagship militaristic, science fiction first-person shooter series.

The new Halo Infinite campaign overview trailer showcases the game’s bleak premise and the reactivation of Master Chief; the circumstances surrounding the USNC’s longstanding artificial intelligence, Cortana going rogue and what presumably will be her interim replacement (purple Cortana); an ominous looking new Forerunner villain; a glimpse at the AI of friendly marines; campaign ability upgrades; a fun look at the brand-new Grappleshot item being used in both combat and terrain progression; Master Chief yeeting a Warthog off a cliff; as well as impressive looking graphics that should quell any gripes which Halo fans had after seeing the game’s first trailer way back in July 2020 at the Xbox Games Showcase.

“The Banished have defeated UNSC forces and taken control of the mysterious Zeta Halo, threatening the survival of humankind,” the Halo Infinite campaign overview trailer narrator says. “When all hope is lost and humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, the Master Chief returns to confront the most ruthless foe he’s ever faced. Here’s a fresh look at the Halo Infinite campaign that introduces players to true Spartan freedom in the biggest, most wide open and adventure-filled Halo experience yet.”

Halo Infinite campaign overview

Microsoft/343 Industries

What are your thoughts on the new Halo Infinite campaign overview trailer? Has the trailer alleviated the majority of the concerns you may have had surrounding the game when it was first previewed? And perhaps most importantly: do you think the game will retain the infamous Craig the Brute in some way, shape or form?

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Halo Infinite is set to release in eight short weeks on December 8th for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

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