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Halo Infinite leaks are ‘unfounded’ according to 343 Industries and leaker

Screenshot from the Halo Infinite teaser trailer
343 Industries

Thanksgiving weekend saw the circulation of a few supposed Halo Infinite leaks which claimed that Microsoft and 343 Industries’ upcoming flagship first-person shooter would contain both a 45 vs 45 Invasion game mode and a Halo Infinite Battle Royale. In addition, the leaks claimed there would be two spinoff games, Halo Wars 3 and a game focusing on Fireteam Osiris during the events of Halo Infinite.

Since that time, both 343 Industries and the originator of the rumors himself has proven these Halo Infinite leaks as counterfeit. Brian Jarrard, Halo‘s community director at 343 Industries took to Twitter on Monday, stating that, “Nothing gets a post-holiday Monday going like fresh unfounded Halo Infinite rumors.”

Jarrard continued with a series of tweets which thanked the long-standing Halo community for their passion while at the same time imploring for “patience and understanding” as the developers set out to finish “the best Halo game they possibly can.” Jarrard also noted that an update on Halo Infinite was coming at the end of the year.

“We certainly have some things we’re overdue on and eager to talk more about,” Jarrard added. “We’re in the process of pulling together a year-end update.

The rest of the statement from Jarrard’s Twitter is as follows:

As an avid fan of many properties (games, movies, TV, music) I 100% understand and appreciate the passion the Halo community has. I also understand the frustration when things don’t go the way you want or it feels like you’re somehow being wronged or not heard.

I want to first just acknowledge how fortunate we are to have such a legacy and such a long-standing community that cares so much. It’s not easy but I’d rather have people care – and even be mad – than not give a damn. Thank you.

The Infinite road hasn’t been easy. This year in particular has been incredibly challenging. We have hundreds of developers who truly only want to make the best Halo game they possibly can. It pains all of us when the community is hurting.

No update is going to satisfy everyone. We want to turn the corner as 2020 comes to an end and leave the challenges of this year behind us and look ahead to 2021. We are committed to bringing you along on this journey, we just ask for bit of patience and understanding.

The user from the Halo Infinite leaks subreddit who originated the rumors (which went on to gain some traction from various big names in the Halo community as well as websites like also admitted that his leaks were fabricated, claiming agitation at the fact that 343 Industries was communicating more with the Halo: Master Chief Collection community about that game on a weekly basis as the catalyst for his actions.

Halo Infinite

Microsoft/343 Industries

“After the initial reveal of Halo Infinite back in July ‘which I absolutely loved by the way’ I was curious to see how easy it would be for the fab feedback of the game to push 343 back into the mood of droughting the community for information,” explained TheInfiniteLeaker117, “and sadly I must admit it happened far faster than I had originally thought.

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“Now if I was making outlandish rumors about something big being added to the MCC, it wouldn’t get a second glance, why? Because 343 is actually communicating with the community on nearly a weekly basis! They know how to talk to us! They know how to give us updates, they know how to give us information, they know how to run fighting programs, they know how to open up with development… on the MCC,” InfiniteLeaker continued. “On Halo Infinite however? It’s almost baffling at how severe the contrast is between 343 talking about the MCC and Infinite.

“We’re back to just getting information about the game from cookie promotions and toy leaks; rather than even simple videos of the devs talking face to face with us while showing in game renders of things they are working on… So yes, I’m coming out and admitting it was all just a bit of social testing fun. But I honestly just don’t have the heart for it anymore.”

Our take? There’s a reason that 343 Industries has been more reticent with information about Halo Infinite as compared to Halo: Master Chief Collection and that’s for the simple fact that they’re hard at work ameliorating the game after initially delaying its release date until sometime in 2021 and then subsequently stating there was no official Halo Infinite release date.


Microsoft/343 Industries

When 343 Industries has further information available on the updated release date of the game or is closer to rectifying the necessary problems with the game, then they’ll provide an update. Would InfiniteLeaker rather 343 Industries sets a release date and then has to delay it not long afterwards, much like CDPR has done with Cyberpunk 2077, drawing even more ire from fans? Or should they only provide information when they have something substantial regarding Halo Infinite‘s progress?

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What are your thoughts on the Halo Infinite leaks? What about the way that 343 Industries has handled imparting information about the game? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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