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Sonic Frontiers official release date and story trailer revealed

While the first reveal trailer for Sonic Frontiers wasn’t exactly what one might call impressive (to put it nicely), there’s still promise and hope for Sonic’s first foray into an open-world environment (although don’t let Sonic Frontiers’ creative officer, Takashi Iizuka, hear you call it an open-world game) especially after the game was given its first official story trailer and official release date at Gamescom Opening Night Live on Tuesday.

The trailer sees the celeritous blue hedgehog arriving on Starfall Island, where he encounters both an adorable stone creature and a floating, disapproving child who flickers in what looks like a red version of the digital computer code from The Matrix and chides Sonic for being “reckless” and “endangering the island.”


“A mysterious stranger, a wondrous new land,” the Sonic Frontiers official story trailer says. “In search of the missing Chaos Emeralds, Sonic becomes stranded on an island teeming with unusual creatures.

“Wield the power of the ancients as you battle hordes of powerful enemies on your path to uncovering the mysteries hidden across the Starfall Islands. Join Sonic and save the inhabitants from this colossal, mechanized threat!”

The Sonic Frontiers official release date was also recently leaked on Twitter; the game is set to release on November 8th for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PC and Nintendo Switch formats.

What are your thoughts on the Sonic Frontiers official release date and story trailer? Sound off in the comments.

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