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Forza Horizon 5: How to complete the Canyon Run Trailblazer in 20 seconds

The Series 16 Winter Weekly Festival Playlist in Forza Horizon 5 sees the continuation of the #FORDzathon and includes a tricky Trailblazer which requires a well-tuned pre-2010 Ford vehicle that can traverse the road, a dark tunnel, a river bank and a dirt path all in one go. Check our suggestions for which vehicle to use and how to complete the Canyon Run Traiblazer in 20 seconds below.

How to complete the Canyon Run Trailblazer in 20 seconds

As I mentioned above, the Canyon Run Trailblazer can be tricky because it requires players to traverse a dark, winding cave, splash through a river bank, get back on the road for a moment and then hook a turn back onto a dirt path for the final straightaway. To complete the Canyon Run Trailblazer, you’ll have to bring your A-game and some adroit steering as well.

To complete the Canyon Run Traiblazer in 20 seconds I used the 2009 Ford Focus RS with a tune by Dont Giva Deuce (Share Code: 674 246 390), which gives the Focus Rally suspension, Offroad tires, a top speed of 162.4 MPH, a 0-60 of 4.083 seconds, 343 HP and an 8.0 Offroad rating. What I liked most about this tune was the impressive grip it gave the Focus which belied its 5.8 handling rating. You should be able to grip both the road and dirt with this tune and turn on a dime as well.

Start on the road about 500 yards south from the Traiblazer to build some speed; once you’ve started the Trailblazer follow the road and veer left towards the tunnel in the side of the mountain – as terrifying and dark as it might seem, it’s the only way you’ll complete the Canyon Run Traiblazer in 20 seconds or less.

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Once you emerge from the tunnel, stick to the patches of land just to the left of the river while avoiding trees and rocks. You might have to practice this a few times, but once you get the hang of it you should be able to transition directly from the edge of the riverbank, in between a pair of bridge foundations and onto the road in a straight line.

Follow this road for approximately 2.5 seconds; you’ll see a dirt path coming up on the left. Time the turn so that you make it onto the path and are accelerating up it immediately. Follow the path until you’ve made it through the finish.

If you’re having trouble, refer to our video below.

A solid alternative to the 2009 Ford Focus RS for this challenge is the 1975 Ford Bronco with an offroad tune by LogikJ (Share Code: 117 382 859). The tune gives the Bronco a very strong offroad presence, which helps it greatly during crucial moments of the trailblazer. If you’re having trouble with the Focus, give the Bronco a try; I was actually able to get my fastest time on the Canyon Run Trailblazer with the Bronco.

Did this guide help you complete the Canyon Run Trailblazer in 20 seconds for the Series 16 Winter Weekly Festival Playlist? Let us know in the comments.

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