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Fortnite: Chapter 4, Season 2 Battle Pass review, Imani

Next up in my Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2 Battle Pass review is the Imani skin. The cel-shaded, anime-styled Imani, who reminds me of an amalgamation from the Jet Set Radio and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners series, comes with the description, “Embrace the past. Create the future,” which is exemplified through her glider, “Needle Dropper,” a quartet of vinyl records that’s accompanied by iridescent vapor trails and a boom bap, lofi hip hop beat that’ll have your head nodding the entire time Imani makes her descent.

Imani also comes with the quotation, “I’m an artist. I see this city from a new perspective,” accompanying her first-tier (uncommon) loading screen art (by Brandon Graham), which depicts Imani sitting on a ledge in Mega City with her headphones on, gazing up at the skyline.

While the anime-styled characters in Fortnite aren’t usually my favorites, Imani has a cool look. Her aesthetic evokes strong Lenny Kravitz rock-reggae vibes, with her ornamented leather jacket, big blue and red sunglasses, dreadlocks and matching zippered skirt.

Imani/Epic Games

Another leitmotif in Imani’s design is her DJ logo, “Arcade Cat.” Arcade Cat is a four-eyed, maroon-colored, Cheshire-looking cat which is emblazoned on the front of her leather jacket, her glider, her “Vicious Vinyl” Harvesting Tool (which, similar to her glider is a pair of giant vinyl records) and on her “Future Dreams” music sleeve. What makes this four-eyed cat theme, particularly when paired with Imani’s “create the future” and “Future Dreams” quotes, particularly thought-provoking is that the four-eyed cat is viewed in many cultures as a symbol of good luck, as well as a cat that, thanks to its two extra eyes, can see the future.

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Does Imani actually have premonitive powers or does she just happen to really like the four-eyed cat symbol? Either way, Imani’s second tier outfit, “Future-Fi Imani,” is a slightly different-colored version of Imani’s base outfit; here she flexes a navy-blue leather jacket and matching leather skirt, instead of the black leather jacket and pink skirt with purple stripes outfit of her first tier look. Future-Fi Imani’s loading screen art (by Ryan Smallman) is a low angle shot of Imani holding a cell phone with her “Arcade Cat” logo on the screen. The logo can also be seen on a digital billboard on one of the Metro City skyscrapers in the background, suggesting that Imani’s artistry has experienced some modicum of success. The loading screen art is accompanied by the quote, “This is your chance to say ‘you knew me when,’” which is Imani throwing some shade on a common phrase by gatekeeping fans of a famous band or DJ who claim they enjoyed an artist’s work “back in the day” before they became famous and the general populace discovered their work.

As cool as Imani’s whole rock-reggae DJ vibe, as well as her vibrant vinyl disc throwback glider and harvesting tool is, a musician Fortnite character isn’t the most unique skin in the game, and for that reason I have to detract some points in the categories of uniqueness and overall impact on the game.

Imani/Epic Games

Still, the fact that she fits the overarching theme of Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2: Mega so well, as well as fits in as either a denizen of Mega City, or an artist who has moved to Mega City trying to make her dreams come true is undeniably charming, so the disparagement of those elements of her character aren’t major.

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Overall, Imani is a cool skin who fits the vibe of the Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2 Battle Pass well. Despite me not being preferential to anime characters in Fortnite, Imani has a well-defined story, spirit and vivacity that make for a solid Fortnite skin overall.

What did you think of the second skin, Imani in the Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2 battle pass? Do you agree with our thoughts for Imani, the second entry in our Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2 battle pass review? Share your thoughts.

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Fortnite: Chapter 4, Season 2 Battle Pass review, Imani
Final Thoughts
Back Bling/Harvesting Tool
Reader Rating2 Votes
Cool Lenny Kravitz, rock-reggae vibe and look
The premise of a young woman trying to fulfill her dreams of becoming an artist/DJ star in Mega City is undeniably charming
The vinyl records harvesting tool and glider are a cool touch
There are a lot of musician/DJ skins in Fortnite already
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