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Counter-Strike 2 dataminer reveals new weapons, Operation details and mobile possibility

Valve Software officially announced the sequel to one of the most well-known (and still wildly popular) FPS games of all time — Counter-Strike 2.

The popular e-sports title, which first began as a mod for Half-Life back in 1999, was subsequently acquired by Valve and released in commercial fashion in 2000, spawning three iterations, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero , 2004’s Counter-Strike Source, and 2012’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Counter-Strike 2, which will be free-to-play, will obviously implement a multitude of enhancements and new elements to the original’s core mechanics, gameplay (such as tick rate no longer mattering for moving, shooting and throwing) and maps, some more of which may have been potentially revealed by a renowned Counter-Strike 2 dataminer Friday morning on Twitter.

Counter-Strike 2/Valve

Counter-Strike 2 dataminer GabeFollower, who pored over the game’s code, found data referencing new Counter-Strike 2 weapons such as a fire grenade activated by tripwire, a bear trap, and an item with no other designation than “pipe.” Does the “pipe” item refer to what it is at face value, which is an item that will allow players to wield a metal pipe and club opponents over the head with it? Or does it refer to something a little more resourceful, like a pipe bomb? IN any case, it’s presumed that the tripwire, bear trap and pipe will be added to the game’s Danger Zone battle royale mode.

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Also uncovered by the Counter-Strike 2 dataminer was a reference to the word “mobile” in the game files, which indicates that there could be a Counter-Strike 2 mobile port

Fellow Counter-Strike 2 dataminer Aquarius discovered what looks to be an anti-cheating measure called “VAC Live,” which will cancel a match if a cheater is detected within it.

Gabe also unveiled possible new cosmetics, weapon skins and constituents of a brand-new Operation (Counter-Strike’s seasonal content):

As always, don’t bank on any of the information revealed by Counter-Strike 2 dataminers making it into the final version of the game, as there’s no guarantee that what was siphoned from the game’s code will be included once Counter-Strike 2 goes live later this summer. There’s also the possibility that the information unearthed by the Counter-Strike 2 dataminers was misinferred as well.

What do you think of the information uncovered by the Counter-Strike 2 dataminers? Let us know in the comments.

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