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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: This Riju cosplay will take your breath away

“You stand before Lady Riju, chief of the Gerudo! Declare your business, but come no closer!”

Makeela Riju is chief of the Gerudo in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild; she is very young for her position, as she was forced to take the throne after her mother, the previous chieftain, passed away unexpectedly. Despite her young age, Riju is a precocious chieftain who cares greatly for the welfare of her people. Notwithstanding, she does still exhibit qualities of a teenage girl, as her room is filled with stuffed toy Sand Seals and her bed is adorned with Sand Seal pillows.

Renowned cosplayer CutiePieSensei brings the Gerudo Chieftain to life with aplomb in the following gallery:

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More #Riju love from #breathofthewild!! Using this to just say thank you so much you guys!! ❤️♥️❤️After my last post, I was able to finally reach 100k! If you had told me a year ago that’s where I would be I would’ve thought you were crazy. So thank you from the bottom of my heart! To celebrate, I want to use this opportunity to showcase some of MY favorite people in cosplay. If you check my insta story, you will see my top 16 inspirational and favorite cosplayers. Some you may know, some you may not, but all of them I admire for different reasons! . . . Thanks for being on this journey with me and I hope you continue along for the ride! . . . 📷 by @officialemcp . . . . So yeah my bra was showing but I couldn’t find the right thing to wear under this top cuz it was last minute. Oh well. 😂 . . . Hashtags: #nintendoswitch #nintendocosplay #legendofzeldacosplay #legendofzelda #rijucosplay #momocon2018 #zelda #link #zeldacosplay

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CutiePieSensei makes all her cosplay costumes from scratch, this Riju cosplay being no exception.

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While everyone is out partying and having fun at #Colossalcon, I’ll just sit here and wistfully look into the sky as I reminisce on #Momocon last weekend *cries*. Here is a shot of my ten pound wig- I mean……my full Lady Riju cosplay! It was definitely a challenge and made me never want to make a wig this big ever again LMAO 😂. More to come!! Oh and fun fact: my husband had to carry around the end of my hair the whole time when we were walking because it was so heavy lolol . . . 📷 by @idruthat . . . . Wig made from @epiccosplaywigs Eros is dark red, plus 10 packs of wefts in dark red, plus a lace human hair closure I sewed to the front and dyed from @sensationnel_hair . . . Hashtags: #cosplay #riju #rijucosplay #botwcosplay #botw #breathofthewild #nintendocosplay #nintendo #nintendoswitch #urbosa #zelda #legendofzelda #legendofzeldacosplay #zeldacosplay #cosplayvscharacter #comparison #blackcosplay

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CutiePieSensei’s attention to detail in this Riju cosplay is amazing, from the matching shade of blue lipstick to the Gerudio head ornament to the hair color to the design on her dress.

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SWIPE LEFT to see just a taste of some of the awesomeness that the con was for me lol. So I realized yesterday at @momocon that I barely took any selfies of just lil ole me in my #Riju cosplay from Breath of the Wild 😜 I mean I have tons with some of the most kickass people in cosplay though so I guess it balances lol. . . Anyway, I realized this as I was taking off the damn thing at like 2 in the morning SO I snapped this real quick after I had already thrown half the thing on the floor lol. There are some really good shots though of the whole thing so I’m super excited to share those once I get them back. . . . Additionally, i was in the same space as @fiona_nova, @lux_steez, and @kieraplease all at the same time and didn’t spontaneously combust so I’m sorta proud of that. . . . #rijucosplay #riju #botw #botwcosplay #breathofthewild #gerudo #urbosa #nintendo #nintendoswitch #nintendocosplay #legendofzelda #zelda #cosplay #cosplayselfie #selfiesunday #cosplaycomparison #sidebyside #cosplayvscharacter

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Riju cosplay by Cutiepiesensei

Riju cosplay by Cutiepiesensei

What did you think of this Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Riju cosplay? Sound off in the comments.

For more of CutiePieSensei’s work, check out this collection of some of her best cosplays or head over to her Linktree, which contains links to her Patreon, Twitter, IG and more.

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