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Halo Infinite Monarch armor coating revealed in latest 343 Industries community update

Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X|S
343 Industries

Thursday night’s Halo community update from developer 343 Industries touched upon a number of different topics, including Halo eSports tournament (Halo 5 Pro Series and Halo 3 PC) schedules, Halo Halloween costumes and Halo Infinite statues, a Master Chief helmet from Mega Construx with a reflective visor and insertable AI chip (similar to the one from Diguise) and a Swarovski MA40 Assault Rifle Nerf gun. Perhaps the most intriguing tidbit of Halo information however was the reveal of the brand-new Halo Infinite Monarch armor coating.

Halo Infinite Monarch armor coating

Armor coating is a new method of customization which players will be able to utilize in the upcoming Xbox Series X|S Halo installment; the Halo Infinite Monarch armor coating is, as the name suggests, a royal purple hue with gold accents and a gold reflective visor. 343 Industries revealed in the community update that the Halo Infinite Monarch armor coating, along with other unlockable elements of the game will be available by purchasing promotional snack items associated with Mondelez Industries, a company behind such brands as Oreo, Cadbury, Maynards Sour Patch Kids, Chips Ahoy! cookies, Trident gum and Nutter Butter.

Halo Infinite Monarch armor coating

Halo Infinite Monarch armor coating

Although the release date of Halo Infinite is still unclear at this time, players can still acquire the aforementioned snack foods and input their codes on the Snack on with Xbox promotional page to assure they get their bonus content once it becomes available.

If the Monarch is any indication, armor coating should be a welcome customization addition to Halo Infinite and we eagerly await what other types of unlockable content 343 Industries reveals as we march closer to the next-generation Halo‘s 2021 release date.

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What do you think of the Halo Infinite Monarch armor coating? What sorts of armor coating would you like too see become unlockable in the future? And what is Master Chief’s favorite type of candy? Sound off in the comments.

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