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K/DA Ahri cosplay by Narga


League of Legends: K/DA Ahri cosplay by Narga

“If you’d like to play with me, you’d better be sure you know the game.”

In case you don’t recall us saying it hundreds of times before, we’re big fans of Narga Lifestream’s cosplay here at Retbit. Although her World of Warcraft and the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt offerings are nothing short of awe-inspiring, League of Legends cosplay is territory we didn’t expect her to crossover into.

Of course, now that we’ve seen her K/DA Ahri cosplay, we’re more than pleasantly surprised. Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox, is a character from League of Legends with a Mage role, a vastaya who can physically conjure her magic into orbs of raw energy. K/DA Ahri is a version of Ahri who is a member of a virtual K-pop group called K/DA, alongside other LoL characters Akali, Evelynn and Kai’Sa. The following gallery contains some of our favorite images from Narga’s stellar K/DA Ahri cosplay.

K/DA Ahri cosplay by Narga

IG: @narga_lifestream

When first testing her K/DA Ahri make-up, Narga said, “I tried Ahri makeup yesterday and I feel 100% glamorous. 💃 I wanted to finish her costume before holidays but things not always goes as we planned.”

K/DA Ahri cosplay by Narga

IG: @narga_lifestream

IG: @narga_lifestream

“Should I make your pulse rise? Or… STOP!”

K/DA Ahri cosplay by Narga

IG: @narga_lifestream

Narga added about her K/DA Ahri cosplay, “Thank you so much for your kind feedback about my Ahri cosplay. 🦊💙 This character is different to what I usually do but I really love the result.”

What did you think of this K/DA Ahri cosplay by Narga? For more of Narga’s cosplay, be sure to visit her, which features links to her social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter as well as her official website and Patreon.

If you liked Narga’s K/DA Ahri cosplay, also check out her Ciri from The Witcher 3 cosplay and Frost Lich Jaina from Hearthstone cosplay.

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