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Elden Ring
Elden Ring


Elden Ring official gameplay trailer revealed; will feature online multiplayer ‘for up to 4 players’

Our souls are ready. Elden Ring is set to release on all platforms in January 2022.

FromSoftware premiered the official gameplay trailer for Elden Ring at the Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live on Thursday, the first footage unveiled of the highly-anticipated action RPG since its announcement two years ago. The game will feature the collaborated efforts of game director Hidetaka Miyazaki (creator of Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls) and fantasy novelist George R. R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones) and will release early next year on January 21st, 2022 for the PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 platforms.

“With Elden Ring, we have applied all our dark fantasy and action-RPG expertise cultivated throughout the Dark Souls series, in order to create a bold, classical evolution of the genre,” Miyazaki said in an official statement for the game.

“We’ve crafted a rich world with a staggering sense of scale, based off of legends written for the game by George R. R. Martin. Elden Ring is a world full of mystery and peril, ready to be explored and discovered; a drama in which various characters flaunt their own mystique and ulterior motives. We sincerely hope you enjoy experiencing it for yourself.”

A press release from game publisher Bandai Namco revealed an interesting facet of Elden Ring‘s gameplay — namely, that there will be an online multiplayer feature.

Elden Ring


“Players will become fully immersed in the world of Elden Ring as they begin their journey and choose on their own path,” the statement said. “Traverse on foot or horseback, alone or online with friends across grassy plains, suffocating swamps and lush forests. Ascend spiraling mountains, enter breathtaking castles, and witness other sites of grandeur on a scale never seen before in a FromSoftware title.”

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According to the official Japanese Elden Ring website, that online support will feature from “1 to 4 people.”

Elden Ring official gameplay trailer


Miyazaki added in his statement that Elden Ring would be a natural evolution of the Dark Souls series. ““With Elden Ring, we have applied all our dark fantasy and action-RPG expertise cultivated throughout the Dark Souls series, in order to create a bold, classical evolution of the genre.”

What did you think of the Elden Ring official gameplay trailer and the coinciding announcement of online multiplayer components? Let us know in the comments.

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