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World of Warcraft Night Elf Druid cosplay by Narga-Lifestream

The original World of Warcraft cinematic trailer from back in 2004 is still one of, if not my most beloved video game cinematics of all-time. True, some of the sentiment attached stems from the anticipation leading up to World of Warcraft Vanilla’s initial release and the monumental effect it had on MMORPGs and gaming in general — but it’s still just a well-crafted cinematic trailer in general.

From the rugged looking Dwarf Hunter braving a wintry storm with his trusty bear pet on a Dun Morogh mountain peak, overlooking the city of Ironforge to a baleful looking Undead Warlock summoning an Infernal from the Twisting Nether to the epic music accompanying all the action, the trailer is a masterclass in video game cinematics and the inspiration for millions of players around the world, including myself to install the game on their PCs. Of course, we can’t forget about the Night Elf Druid in the trailer, whose agility, speed and grace is exhibited as she races through the forests of Shadowglen just before transforming into Cat Form is brought to life perfectly by cosplayer Narga-Lifestream in the following cosplay gallery.


Night Elf Druid cosplay from World of Warcraft by Narga

A look at the finished Night Elf Druid cosplay as well as work in progress pics, including the costume Narga put together from scratch by herself.

Night Elf Druid cosplay from World of Warcraft by Narga

Narga having a little fun playing on the assumptions given to the Night Elves.

Did you like Narga’s World of Warcraft Night Elf Druid cosplay? For more of her cosplay, check out her Linktree page, which includes links to her Youtube, Patreon, Twitter, official website and more.

Photos by @lina_fk

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