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Nintendo bringing Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, 3D World and more to the Switch

Back in March we speculated Nintendo would be remastering several popular Mario titles to coincide with the character’s 35th anniversary and this morning they made the news official: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D World are heading to the Switch under the package name of Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars trailer

The aforementioned titles in Super Mario 3D All-Stars will be optimized for the Nintendo Switch platform, with higher resolutions and enhanced framerates, although not completely remastered with updated graphics like we originally surmised. Super Mario 3D All-Stars is slated for a September 18th launch and will be available for a limited time until March 31st, 2021, according to the official Nintendo press release.

Nintendo will also be releasing an enhanced version of Super Mario 3D World from the Wii U, in the form of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. Super Mario 3D World features Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad teaming up to save the Sprixie Kingdom and the kidnapped Sprixie Princess from the clutches of Bowser. Gameplay features for Super Mario 3D World include clambering over walls, cat-scratching enemies with the Super Bell item, cloning yourself with the Double Cherry or firing projectiles at your enemies with the Cannon Box. If you have’t played Super Mario 3D World before, it’s one of the more enjoyable Mario games and well-suited for co-op play with up to three friends.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is currently slated for a February 12th, 2021 Nintendo Switch release.

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Fans of 2D Mario platforming will be happy to learn Nintendo is also bringing Super Mario All-Stars, the classic Super NES game which featured a 16-bit, enhanced compilation of classic NES Mario titles Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3 to the Super Nintendo Switch Online today, September 3rd.

Finally, have you ever wanted to play Mario against 34 other players? Super Mario 35 is going to give you the opportunity to do just that — Nintendo Switch Online members will also be granted access to the game, which tosses players into a 2D arena with 34 other players, all battling it out to be the last Mario character standing. Super Mario 35 will be available from Oct. 1 until March 31, 2021.

While we’re pretty excited to see some of Mario’s greatest games being re-released for the Switch, although the limited “Disney vault”-esque time offer for Super Mario 3D All-Stars and the glaring lack of Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the collection are definitely head-scratching decisions.

What do you think of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars Nintendo Switch compilation re-releasing iconic Mario games such as Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy and more? Sound off in the comments.

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