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Hearthstone: Jaina Proudmoore Book of Heroes walkthrough

Heartstone fans might know Jaina Proudmoore as the default Mage Hero, but how much do you really know about the Daughter of the Sea, leader of Theramore, former fiancee of the Prince of Lordaeron and one of Azeroth’s most powerful mages?

Hearthstone‘s new solo Mage adventure, brings players through Jaina’s journey from fledgling mage student to one of the most powerful spellcasters on all of Azeroth. If you want to help Jaina defeat the likes of Garrosh Hellscream and Archimonde, use our Jaina Proudmoore Book of Heroes walkthrough to assist in the evolution of one of World of Warcraft and Hearthstone‘s most iconic characters.

Jaina Proudmoore Book of Heroes walkthrough

Challenge #1: Archmage Antonidas

Jaina’s first challenge isn’t so much of a battle with Antonidas, one of the most powerful and respected mages in Lordaeron (and a staple card in most Mage decks for some time after Hearthstone’s release), as it is her ingratiating herself to the Archmage and seeking his tutelage.

Jaina, known as Scholar Jaina at this point in the story, wishes to be the best mage she can possibly be and will accept no other teacher than Antonidas.

Archmage Antonidas’ Hero Power: Supreme Acumen, Passive Hero Power – Your spells cast twice.

As far as fights go, this is a very straightforward one. Use your Hero Power to take care of smaller minions the Archmage lays down while whittling away at his Health with Spells and minions of your own. Don’t be afraid to play your cards often as Antonidas will play Research Project, a Spell which draws 2 cards for each player, which will burn your extra cards anyways if your hand is too full.

Antonidas also has Arcane Explosion (which hits twice thanks to his Hero Power) and a pair of Twilight Flamecallers in his arsenal, so trade minions judiciously; if you’re able to set up a Water Elemental + Animated Avalanche combo, the match should be a lock in your favor.

Notes and observations:

  • Play your Mirror Entity secret early on to duplicate Archmage Antonidas’ Stargaze Elemental, whose stats and card effect are identical to Legendary Mage minion Stargazer Luna.
  • Antonidas has a powerful Book of Runes card, with stats and a card effect identical to Legendary minion Emperor Thaurissan, but by the time he plays it you should have established an advantageous board presence.
  • Archmage Antonidas: “You could ask Archmage Kel’Thuzad for instruction.”
    Jaina Proudmoore: “No, not him. He gives me the creeps.”

    Jaina can read people almost as well as she can Spell Books.

  • Wait a minute, Assistant Bigglesworth was once under the employ of Archmage Antonidas? Does that mean Kel’thuzad’s kitty was named after this guy or has it actually been Assistant Bigglesworth after a polymorph spell gone wrong (or right, depending on who cast the spell) the entire time? [Cue dramatic music.]

Challenge #2: Prince Kael’thas

Archmage Antonidas wasn’t the only member of the Council of the Six, AKA the ruling council of Kirin Tor mages that protected Dalaran, who took notice of Jaina’s proficiency as a mage. One such example was Prince Kael’thas, who was not only enamored with Jaina’s talents but her beauty as well. Unbeknownst to Kael’thas however, Jaina’s heart belonged to another blonde-haired Prince. But before we get into that…

Jaina Book of Heroes Walkthrough, Kael'thas

Kael’thas’ Hero Power: Firemancy, Passive Hero Power – After you cast a spell, add a Fireball to your deck. It costs (2) more.

Kael’thas isn’t just a smooth-talking Blood Elf — he can also be one of the trickier fights in Jaina’s Book of Heroes adventure until you get the strategy down. What worked best for me was whittling away Kael’thas’ health with Jaina’s Hero Power and establishing Spell Damage minions (Gray Cat, Archmage) on the board until you can get him in lethal range.

It’s also very important that you try to play all your Mage secrets in this match, because you’ll need them all to secure the win. Timing Counterspell to negate a Combustion or Fireball and using Counterspell in tandem with one or more Ice Blocks is a must and the biggest advantage you have

Card draw also helps your chances in this match, so be sure to make good use of Arcane Intellect and Cram Session. the same time you’ll want to delay his victory by trading with, removing, and freeze-stalling all his minions while establishing enough board presence. Make sure to use your Deep Freeze spell against Kael’thas’ trickier minions like A’lar and utilize your Water Elementals to help deplete his health or continue to freeze to set up lethal.

Notes and observations:

  • Your Hero Power has been upgraded to Iceblast Rank 2 in this fight, dealing 2 damage instead of 1, so make use of the upgrade to clear Kael’thas early minions such as Firefly, Starscryer and Firebrand.
  • Early on, it’s a good idea to save your Frostbolt spells for Kael’thas’ Fire Hawk minion.
  • Reserve your Iceball spell for bulkier minions like Kael’thas’ Wyrm Weaver.
  • If you’re in a bind, use Frost Nova with Ray of Frost or Shatter to remove dangerous minions.
  • As I mentioned earlier, play your Ice Block secret whenever you have the opportunity; you’ll need it to win this fight. Use Ice Block in tandem with Counterspell to mitigate Kael’thas’ Fireball damage.

Challenge #3: Arthas Menethil

The encounter between Jaina and her star crossed lover, Arthas Menethil, takes place shortly after the infamous Culling of Stratholme incident. During the Culling, Arthas made the grievous decision to burn down the city of Stratholme, thus executing the plague-infected inhabitants before they could be reanimated as Scourge.

In World of Warcraft lore, this incident is considered by many to the tipping point for Arthas — his obsession with vengeance led to him making choices which severed him from his former friends and loved ones — Jaina Proudmoore included.

Hearthstone Jaina Book of Heroes, Arthas

Arthas’ Hero Power: Defensive Strike, 2-mana, Deal 2 damage to all enemy minions.

Unlike other fights, you won’t want to establish board presence early in this fight due to Arthas’ Hero Power. Instead, make ample use Jaina’s Iceblast Rank 3 Hero Power to remove minions and chip away at Arthas’ health by going face at every opportunity.

Notes and observations:

  • A pair of Silver Hand Recruits may not be a pressing matter, but don’t Arthas pull off two or more Air Raid spells unanswered; he can buff the Recruits with Quartermaster. The Flame Ward Mage secret can be a great asset for removing accumulated Silver Hand Recruits, along with the obvious Blizzard and Flamestrike spells (save the latter removal spells for later in the match).
  • Ray of Frost + your Hero Power can be effective in removing sticky minions like Paragon of Light.
  • Arthas has a pair of Noble Sacrifices in his arsenal, a Paladin secret which summons a 2/1 Defender as the target when an enemy attacks. Be wary of the order in which you attack with your minions.
  • Take advantage of Tortollan Pilgrim as a way of putting a Secret into play if you are ahead on the board or an effective board clear if you’re not; he’ll often give Jaina the option to choose Flamestrike or Blizzard in cohesion with his Battlecry.
  • Once you have an Arcane Giant in your hand, use Mage secrets in cohesion with other Spells and your Hero Power. Once you are able to put an Arcane Giant or two into play, only use your Hero Power on Arthas — ignore his minions and stall them with Freezing spells while continuing to go face.
  • Once you are able to establish board presence with Arcane Giant and Siamat you should be on your way to taking Arthas down with Pyroblast and Fireball spells in addition to dealing damage with the Arcane Giant and your Hero Power.
  • Siamat plus Molten Reflection = feelsgreatman.
  • If Arthas buffs a minion to formidable levels with Libram of Wisdom and Blessing of Might spells, make sure you have Blizzard and Ray of Frost spells to stall it and Arthas’ other minions while you go face with Pyroblast and your Hero Power.

Challenge #4: Grommash Hellscream

Hearthstone, Jaina Book of Heroes, Grommash Hellscream

Grommash Hellscream’s Hero Power: Equip Gorehowl, 5-mana.

This fight can be very simple (Frost Mages did counter Warriors in World of Warcraft PVP after all) if you employ the following strategy: Keep Grommash frozen.

Once you are to able use your Summon Elemental Hero Power on Turn 4, which summons a 3/6 Water Elemental, do everything in your power to either keep it alive, have it go face to keep Grommash frozen, and/or use it judiciously enough to summon another Water Elemental with your Hero Power to freeze and repeat the process.

This will prevent Grommash from abusing his Hero Power which equips his Legendary axe, Gorehowl.

Thrall will also assist you periodically during this match, summoning pairs of Sparks or Spirit Wolves.

Challenge #5: Archimonde

This encounter features Jaina, alongside the defenders of Azeroth, repelling the invasion of the Burning Legion and its commander, the fallen eredar lord, Archimonde.

Archimonde features a Demon-centric deck as well as a Hero Power that’s Jaraxxus’ times two (Rain of Chaos, 6-mana-cost, Summon two 6/6 Infernals).

  • Use your Flame Ward secret to ward off early low-cost Demons that Archimonde piles onto the board.
  • Just like you did in your last encounter with Grommash, use your Hero Power as early and often as possible.
  • Save your Blizzard, Ray of Frost and Shatter spells for when Archimonde uses his Hero Power to summon two Infernals or lays down mid-sized minions and continue going face.
  • Once you get Archimonde below 10 Health, Thrall will come to your aid and segue you into the next encounter.

Challenge #6: Garrosh Hellscream

Defend Theramore from Garrosh Hellscream!

You start this match with four 0/10 Gates of Theramore minions on the board. They have Taunt and a Deathrattle which deals 3 damage to Jaina. Do your best to set up minions on the board behind the gates before Garrosh can bring them down while Garrosh attacks you with a plethora of Pirate minions and Warrior spells.

Notes and observations:

  • Use Archmage Kalec in conjunction with Blizzard and Ray of Frost to clear enemy minions off the board.
  • Use Vereesa Windrunner in conjunction with Thor’idal, the Star’s Fury to boost your Spell Damage and Kirin Tor Elemental to cast each spell twice, making spells like Ray of Frost hit for over 8 damage and Arcane Missiles for over 12 damage.

Challenge #7: Thrall

Thrall, one of the most renowned members of the Horde, confronts Jaina in this encounter after receiving shamanistic visions in the Maelstrom, a gigantic rift formed by the Well of Eternity collapsing upon itself.

Thrall’s Hero Power: Spirit of Air, 2-mana, Give all friendly minions Windfury.

At this point you have plenty of powerful cards at your disposal such as Kirin Tor Elemental, Archmage Kalec and Focusing Iris. Your Hero Power, Icefall, should also be used liberally to clear Thrall’s minions from the board.

Notes and observations:

  • Use Jaina’s Scaleworm and Scalerider minions to help clear the Spirit Wolves Thrall summons with Feral Spirit. Jaina’s deck in this encounter is Dragon-heavy, so you should have no problem activating the aforementioned minions’ Battlecries.
  • Thrall’s biggest offensive threat is the Walking Fountain minion. Try to reserve a Frostbolt/Shatter combo in cohesion with your Hero Power or some variation thereof to deal with it.

  • One or two Kirin Tor Elementals and any variation of your spells can be used to effectively clear Thrall’s defensive minions such as Spirit Wolf, Stone Sentinel and Earth Elemental.

Challenge #8: Aethas Sunreaver

Jaina’s final challenge is against another Kirin Tor and Council of the Six member, Aethas Sunstrider. Aethas is a powerful Blood Elf mage who is proficient with the Arcane Mage skill tree.

Aethas’ Hero Power: Arcane Intensity, 2-mana, Deal 2 damage to the enemy hero and gain Spell Damage +2 this turn.

Notes and observations:

  • Abuse your Hero Power, Icefall Rank 2 to stall and subsequently clear enemy minions from the board.
  • Aethas will use a pair of Flame Ward Mage Secrets, so be wary of this when playing smaller minions like Sorcerer’s Apprentice on the board.
  • He’ll also use Counterspell secrets as well, so don’t be too liberal casting high-mana-cost spells while you suspect a Counterspell is in play.
  • Use Spell Damage minions like Grey Cat and Violet Warden in cohesion with Arcane Blast to help clear enemy minions off the board.
  • Once you’ve established board presence with your Spell Damage minions, whittle away at Aethas until you get him within lethal range for a 10+ damage Pyroblast.
  • Did this Jaina Proudmoore Book of Heroes walkthrough help you assist Jaina in her journey from fledgling mage student to one of Azeroth’s most powerful sorceresses alive? Are you still having trouble with a certain encounter? Let us know in the comments.

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