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Hades tops the list of best-reviewed Steam games of 2020

Hades from Supergiant Games
Supergiant Games

Developer Supergiant’s Hades wasn’t only a game released this past year that was universally loved among critics (check out our very own Hades review for ample proof of the fact) — it also managed the Herculean task of garnering unanimous praise among Steam user reviews as well. In fact, Hades was so well-loved on Steam that it topped the list of best-reviewed Steam games of 2020.

The mythology-steeped roguelike garnered 99% positive reviews after 105,009 votes, with the exact ranking being determined by the Steam 250 algorithm, which comes to a conclusion on a game’s position after factoring in both the number of votes it received and the percentage of positive reviews.

Hades puts players in the role of Zagreus, a young demigod who wishes for only one thing: to escape the underworld. Of course, his father, the eponymous Hades, doesn’t aim to make that an easy task.

In our review of Hades, we said, “Remarkably, Hades lives up to the godlike hype. It manages this Herculean task by imbuing the roguelike genre with an engaging narrative, indelible characters and enthralling gameplay more seamlessly than ever before. It’s a beautifully rendered, sufficiently challenging, narratively rich, hellaciously enjoyable experience — and the most fun I’ve ever had with a roguelike (or any video game for that matter) in ages.”

Hades, Theseus and Minotaur fight

No matter how intense the battles become, the combat system remains tight, responsive and equitable

For the most part, the upper echelon of the Steam 250 is comprised of indie games whose names might not be as familiar to you as the typical, triple-A titles you might expect to see on such a list. That makes checking out the list especially worth it to those of you in search of games that may have flown under your radar, such as Factorio, a game about building and maintaining automated factories from Czech studio Wube Software; Phasmophobia, an indie survival horror game which puts up to four players in the roles of urban ghost hunters from Kinetic Games and Helltaker, a freeware indie puzzle-adventure game with dating sim elements designed by Polish developer Łukasz Piskorz.

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What do you think of the news that Hades tops the list of best-reviewed Steam games of 2020? Let us know in the comments.

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