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Uther Book of Heroes Guide


Hearthstone: Uther Book of Heroes Guide

Uther Lightbringer is the focus of the latest Hearthstone Book of Heroes solo adventure, which follows the iconic Warcraft/World of Warcraft character as he evolves from one of the first Knights of the Silver Hand to one of the most iconic and respected paladins in the Azeroth.

Are you having trouble clearing the Uther Book of Heroes solo adventure? Use our Hearthstone: Uther Book of Heroes guide and walkthrough as your guiding Light.

Alonsus Faol

Uther Book of Heroes guide


Alonsus’ Hero Power: Holy Prayer (2-mana), Restore 1 Health to a friendly minion and your hero.

As most first challenges in Hearthstone Book of Heroes go, the battle against Alonsus Faol is straightforward one. You should have no trouble establishing board presence with Tired Recruit minions and keeping them alive with Uther’s Hero Power, Lesser Heal.

Tips and observations:

    • Use Northshire Cleric to simultaneously draw cards as you heal.
    • Alonsus will always play Goldshire Footman on Turn 1 and Fight Trainer on Turn 3.
    • Shadow Word: Pain is a useful removal spell for Alonsus’ Fight Trainer minion.
    • A good recipient for Extra Arms and More Arms are the Stormwind Knight minions with Charge.

Uther will always draw the following cards in turns one through ten against Alonsus:

  • Turn 1 – Tired Recruit
  • Turn 2 – Northshire Cleric
  • Turn 3 – Holy Smite
  • Turn 4 – Extra Arms
  • Turn 6 – Holy Nova
  • Turn 7 – Priest of the Feast
  • Turn 9 – Devout Pupil
  • Turn 10 – Holy Water

Ogrim Doomhammer

Uther Book of Heroes guide, Ogrim Doomhammer


Ogrim’s Hero Power: Equip Doomhammer (4-mana).

Uther Book of Heroes story description for Ogrim Doomhammer: “The Warchief of the Horde and his ruthless army move to conquer Lordaeron.”

Tips and observations:

    • You begin this fight with two Walls of Lordaeron minions on your side of the board. The Walls of Lordaeron are 0/10 minions who can’t attack and have the Deathrattle, “Deal 10 damage to your hero.”
    • Use low-mana cost minions such as Goldshire Footman or Uther’s Hero Power, Reinforce, to summon a 1/1 Silver Hand Recruit to boost your board presence.
    • Play King Terenas as soon as possible (you’ll always draw him on Turn 5). As a 5-mana cost, 2/6 minion, he has decent bulk and will draw attention from Ogrim when he equips the weapon of his namesake, Doomhammer. He’ll also make enemy minions trade into him as well. King Terenas’ Battlecry, which gives a random minion in your hand +5/+5 however, is his most considerable asset, especially if you can play the minion who he buffed (such as Paragon of Light or Silver Hand Knight) on the curve.
    • Use Taunt minions such as Devout Pupil to impede Ogrim from attacking your Walls of Lordaeron minions.
    • Use Turaylon against high-Attack minions such as Crowd Roaster to more easily remove them from the field.
    • If you find yourself overwhelmed by Ogrim and his minions, keep in mind on Turn 8 he’ll always cast Gul’dan’s Reinforcements, a spell which signifies Gul’dan’s betrayal of the Horde in the Warcraft storyline and one which destroys all of Ogrim’s minions.

Uther will always draw the following cards in turns one through ten against Ogrim Doomhammer:

  • Turn 1 – Brazen Zealot
  • Turn 2 – Goldshire Footman
  • Turn 3 – Unbroken Faith
  • Turn 4 – Silver Hand Knight
  • Turn 5 – King Terenas
  • Turn 6 – Silver Hand Regent
  • Turn 7 – Paragon of Light
  • Turn 8 – Turalyon
  • Turn 9 – Stand Against Darkness
  • Turn 10 – Quartermaster

Varok Saurfang

Varok Saurfang, who will go on to become High Overlord Saurfang of the Horde (and one of the main characters in the recent World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth expansion), is a prominent warrior of the Blackrock Clan. He served as Ogrim Doomhammer, the previous boss in the Uther Book of Heroes solo adventure’s second-in-command during the Second War.

Uther Book of Heroes story description for Varok Saurfang: “Though the Horde retreats, their legendary warriors are still a great threat to the Alliance.”

Saurfang’s Hero Power: Unbound Rage (0-mana), “Give a friendly minion +3 Attack.”

Tips and observations:

    • A combination of your Lordaeron Attendant and Radiant Lightspawn minions’ Battlecries should bring your Libram of Wisdom mana cost down to 0; take advantage of this so you can use Libram of Wisdom every turn to buff minions for advantageous trades or bolster their attack power to do more damage to Saurfang.
    • Use Turalyon to clear bulky enemy minions such as Strongman and Armored Goon.
    • Equipping a Silver Sword, using its ability to buff your side of the field containing Turalyon, Ancient Guardian (derived from Libram of Hope) and the rest Silver Hand recruits — then further buffing said Silver Hand Recruits with a Quartermaster is an ahem, divine feeling.
    • Some excellent Blessing of King recipients include Turaylon, Stormwind Knight (even better if you can use the buff during the turn you first play it due to its Charge ability) and Radiant Lightspawn.

Uther will always draw the following cards in turns one through ten in the following order:

  • Turn 1 – Lordaeron Attendant
  • Turn 2 – Paragon of Light
  • Turn 3 – Silver Hand Regent
  • Turn 4 – Libram of Wisdom
  • Turn 5 – Stormwind Knight
  • Turn 6 – Turalyon
  • Turn 7 – Radiant Lightspawn
  • Turn 8 – Silver Sword
  • Turn 9 – Libram of Hope
  • Turn 10 – Blessing of Kings
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Challenge 4: The Dark Portal

Uther Book of Heroes Hearthstone adventure, Dark Portal


The Dark Portal’s Hero Power: Grim Retreat (2-mana), “Destroy a friendly minion. Give your minions +1/+1.”

Uther Book of Heroes story quote for The Dark Portal: “The Horde came from this mysterious portal, and now they seek to return to it while they still can.”

The Dark Portal can be a very difficult battle, especially considering how quickly it can flood the board and the ease with which it can buff these minions with its Hero Power, Grim Retreat.

In this fight, your priority will be to establish board presence early and keep The Dark Portal’s side of the board as diminished as possible. Your second priority will be to use your Hero Power every turn that you can.

Tips and observations:

    • Hold off the Dark Portal’s minions with Air Raid, a spell you’ll always draw on the first turn.
    • Use the Time Out spell (which you’ll always draw on Turn 3) if the Dark Portal has you close to or within lethal damage; one turn can often mean the difference in drawing a key card, such as Equality to use in conjunction with Consecration to clear the enemy’s side of the field.

Uther will always draw cards in the following order for turns one through ten:

  • Turn 1: Air Raid
  • Turn 2 – Flash of Light
  • Turn 3 – Time Out!
  • Turn 4 – Acolyte of Pain
  • Turn 5 – Fight Trainer
  • Turn 6 – Silver Hand Knight
  • Turn 7 – Turalyon
  • Turn 8 – Equality
  • Turn 9 – Consecration
  • Turn 10 – Tirion Fordring

Challenge 5: Blackrock Blademaster

Uther Book of Heroes Hearthstone adventure, Blackrock Blademaster


Blademaster’s Hero Power: Blade Tempest (1-mana), Deal 3 damage to the highest Attack enemy minion and 1 damage to the rest.

Tips and observations:

    • Because of Blackrock Blademaster’s Hero Power, obviously you’re not going to want to play minions such as Brazen Zealot or spells such as Air Raid until you’re able to establish board presence with Steward of Darkshire, who can buff them with Divine Shield.
    • Play Prince Arthas as soon as possible on Turn 4 (you’ll always receive him as the left-most mulligan in your starting hand); chances are Blackrock Blademaster won’t be able to remove him by Turn 5, so by using Uther’s Hero Power, Hammer of the Lightbringer, you should be able to keep Arthas alive and protected by Divine Shield. (Keep in mind, Blackrock Blademaster has Sap, so don’t egregiously buff Arthas until BB has burned that spell.)
    • Crystal Lion is a solid play on Turn 6, especially if Blackrock Blademaster has managed to make Prince Arthas go dormant; Crystal Lion should usually draw the attention for the first part of Blackrock Blademaster’s Hero Power — and since it has Divine Shield, it will absorb it.

Uther will always draw the following cards for turns one through eleven.

  • Turn 1 – Libram of Wisdom
  • Turn 2 – Libram of Holiness
  • Turn 3 – Steward of Darkshire
  • Turn 4 – Air Raid
  • Turn 5 – Quartermaster
  • Turn 6 – Crystal Lion
  • Turn 7 – Paragon of Light
  • Turn 8 – Goody Two-Shields
  • Turn 9 – Lordaeron Attendant
  • Turn 10 – Guardian of Kings
  • Turn 11 – Libram of Hope

Challenge 6: Venim Iceblade

Uther Book of Heroes Hearthstone adventure, Venim Iceblade


Venim Iceblade is a powerful and renowned lich who fought against the forces of the Alliance in The Scourge of Lordaeron campaign of Warcraft III.

Uther Book of Heroes story quote for Venim Iceblade: “Arthas and Jaina were ambushed while investigating a new plague outside the city.”

Venim’s Hero Power: Infection (0-mana), At the end of your turn, transform a non-Legendary enemy minion into a 1/1 Skeleton and take control of it.

Tips and observations:

    • Because of Venim’s Hero Power, you’ll have to use discretion when it comes to playing minions. You’ll likely want to end up waiting until Turn 3, when you can use your Hero Power, to even take action in the fight for the first time (otherwise you’ll just be feeding Venim free Skeleton minions). Luckily, thanks to Prince Arthas and your Hero Power, Venom’s Hero Power shouldn’t pose much of a problem.
    • The key to this fight will be equipping your Hammer of the Lightbringer on Turn 3, playing Prince Arthas on Turn 4, and utilizing your Hero Power plus your weapon’s ability in conjunction with Spells like Unbroken Faith and Libram of Wisdom to buff Arthas.
    • You should be able to defeat Venim by going face with Hammer of the Lightbringer and Prince Arthas through the method described above. You can also play Jaina Proudmoore when you draw her on Turn 6, but in all probability, she won’t even be necessary (sorry Jaina).
    • If you do play Jaina, keep in mind that the Water Elemental which she summons through her Battlecry will not be affected by Venim’s Hero Power.

Uther will always draw the following cards for turns one through eleven:

  • Turn 1 – Jaina Proudmoore
  • Turn 2 – Lordaeron Attendant
  • Turn 3 – Air Raid
  • Turn 4 – Libram of Wisdom
  • Turn 5 – Stand Against Darkness
  • Turn 6 – Quartermaster
  • Turn 7 – Devout Pupil
  • Turn 9 – Radiant Lightspawn
  • Turn 10 – Libram of Hope
  • Turn 11 – Consecration
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Challenge 7: Mal’ganis

Uther Book of Heroes Hearthstone adventure, Mal'ganis


Mal’ganis’ Hero Power: Nathrezim’s Favor (Passive Hero Power), At the end of your turn, give your left and right-most minions +3/+3.

    • Silver Hand Zealot is an excellent card which not only equips Uther with Lightbringer, but also puts a 4/2 body on the field. Although it’s best to reserve your use of Lightbringer, as you’ll need it in the later rounds of the fight to help remove the bulky minions which Mal’ganis plays, be wary of playing Silver Hand Zealot recklessly — Mal’ganis can drop his Skeletal Smith minion to destroy the Truesilver Champion with which your Zealot equips Uther.
    • Mal’ganis won’t play any minions until Turn 6, when he plays an Aranasi Broodmother that heals him for 4. Use your Hero Power in tandem with your minions to clear it.
    • Continue using your Hero Power and trading with minions to clear enemy minions. When you’re stuck, use discretion with your Subdue spell, which sets a minion’s Attack and Health to 1, to remove especially vexing minions such as Enhanced Dreadlord from the field.
    • In the latter rounds, Libram of Justice and Consecration (or your Hero Power) can be used in concert to clear the opposition’s side of the board. You can also use the Overdue Justice weapon which Libram of Justice equips to remove the minion which has been reduced to 1 Health from the Libram, but try not to use it on high Attack minions with Lifesteal.

Uther will draw always draw the following cards in turns one through eleven during the battle with Mal’ganis:

  • Turn 1 – Unbroken Faith
  • Turn 2 – Paragon of Light
  • Turn 3 – Libram of Compassion
  • Turn 4 – Air Raid
  • Turn 5 – Lordaeron Attendant
  • Turn 6 – Subdue
  • Turn 7 – Silver Hand Zealot
  • Turn 9 – Silver Hand Crusader
  • Turn 10 – Libram of Justice

Challenge 8: Prince Arthas

Uther Book of Heroes Hearthstone adventure, Prince Arthas


Prince Arthas’ Hero Power: Scourge Army (0-mana), Summon three 2/2 Ghouls.

Naturally, Prince Arthas, who has made the transformation into a Death Knight at this point in the narrative, is the most difficult boss to defeat in the Uther Book of Heroes solo adventure. Don’t get discouraged if you need to give this challenge at least a few (or even several) tries, as you’ll have to survive 12 turns with a boss touting a powerful Hero Power and a stacked deck more than capable of having Uther out like a light.

Fortunately, there are ways to make the fight less difficult:

  • First and foremost, you’ll have to use your Hero Power nearly every turn to clear away Arthas’ minions, which will pile up very quickly thanks to his Hero Power.

  • You’ll need to make judicious use of Uther’s Hero Power each turn, trying to clear as many enemy minions from play as possible with each use or using it in concert with your minions to clear the most threatening enemy minion from the board.
  • For the first three turns, you’ll be able to take out all three of the Ghouls that Arthas summons with his Hero Power, Scourge Army. By Turn 4, Arthas will start playing other minions in addition to the Ghouls.
  • Stand Against Darkness is a great Spell to use in this fight around Turn 7, when Arthas draws Frostmourne. Arthas will oftentimes attack the Silver Hand Recruits with Frostmourne; if resurrected by Frostmourne’s Death Rattle effect, Silver Hand Recruits are much more manageable than the other minions in your hand and deck to deal with.
  • Prince Arthas will always draw these cards in the following order: Turn 4, Grim Necromancer; Turn 5, Spirit of Kel’thuzad; Turn 7, Frostmourne; Turn 8, The Black Knight.
  • Be wary of buffing your first Paragon of Light with Blessing of Kings; Prince Arthas will always draw The Black Knight by Turn 8 and can destroy the minion with ease.
  • Save Libram of Wisdom buffs for after Arthas has used Frostmourne. You can begin playing higher cost minions at this point as well.

Uther will always draw the following cards on turns one through eleven during the battle with Prince Arthas:

  • Turn 1 – Lordaeron Attendant
  • Turn 2 – Royal Urn
  • Turn 3 – Libram of Wisdom
  • Turn 4 – Devout Pupil
  • Turn 5 – Paragon of Light
  • Turn 6 – Silver Hand Zealot
  • Turn 7 – Silver Hand Crusader
  • Turn 8 – Libram of Compassion
  • Turn 10 – Libram of Justice
  • Turn 11 – Stand Against Darkness

Did our Uther Book of Heroes guide help shed some light on defeating all of Uther’s adversaries in the solo adventure? Are you still having trouble with an aspect of the Uther Book of Heroes adventure that we might be able to help you further with or add to this guide? Let us know in the comments.

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