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Halo: The Master Chief Collection microtransactions might be added in near future

Halo: The Master Chief Collection microtransactions could be implemented soon, according to the game’s developer 343 Studios in a recent Halo Waypoint blogpost.

The post explains that in accordance to shifting away from a Season-based model, Season points will eventually be renamed to “Spartan points” in a future update. Despite the name change, Spartan points will still be obtainable through the completion of in-game challenges and leveling up, but will also be “purchasable” with real world money.

“For players who are new to the MCC, or who may not have dedicated much time specifically to unlocking items during the seasonal updates, or are simply completionists looking to catch the last outstanding items they need, we are internally exploring a potential new feature for the future in the form of purchasable Spartan Points,” Halo Waypoint writer Alex Wakeford revealed.

Halo 3

Halo: MCC latest update

“It is prudent to note here that we are happy with the current system of how players earn Spartan Points, by completing challenges and levelling up through play.

“This would be an optional, additive alternative for players who might find the vast scope of content to be an intimidating amount of playtime and want to get ahead on (or skip) the grind, or maybe want to grab specific items they want (we all have our favorites!)

“In the interest of transparency with our dedicated and passionate community, we wanted to inform you of this exploration in advance and provide assurance that purchasable Spartan Points would be an additive feature. We will have more information to share about this in the future.”

343 Industries

While the addition of Halo: The Master Chief Collection microtransactions in any form is sure to be a foreboding addition to the majority of the game’s community, the blogpost seems to make clear that the Spartan Points will be optional and that their implementation is, at this point, primarily to help those that want to “skip the grind” catch up and obtain an item before it’s no longer available.

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Do you think the addition of Halo: The Master Chief Collection microtransactions is a dreadful notion? Or could it be fine in the current form 343 has explained thus far? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Halo Waypoint

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