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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion beats its old concurrent players record on Steam

Monster Hunter Rise‘s new expansion, Sunbreak, went live on Thursday morning and already the latest addition to Capcom’s award-winning, top-selling series is setting records; the game achieved its highest number of concurrent players, 194,459, according to its SteamDB data. The number of concurrent players for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is noticeably higher than concurrent player count for Monster Hunter Rise itself, whose launch week numbers reached 134,262.


The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion sees players embarking on an adventure in the far-off outpost of Elgado where they’ll face all-new monsters, obtain up to fourteen new weapon types, take on quests in collaboration with a variety of new follower characters and utilize a slew of new abilities. The game also features a new difficulty level via Master Rank quests.

New monsters that players will face off against include “The elder dragon Malzeno, the powerful and boulder-like Garangolm, and the icy wolf-like Lunagaron,” who together comprise an infamous triune of monsters called the Three Lords.

In order to play the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion, players must have the base version of Monster Hunter Rise.

What do you think of the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion breaking the game’s former concurrent players record on Steam? Let us know in the comments.

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