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Hearthstone: Trial by Felfire Chapter 3 walkthrough

In the last chapter of the Hearthstone Trial by Felfire adventure, Aranna and her newfound teammates commandeered a Demolisher, escaped a raging Felstorm and took the fight to Mother Shahraz.

In the third chapter, “To be a Demon Hunter,” Aranna and her team of Outcasts continue their training in becoming Demon Hunters (under the tutelage of Illidan Stormrage himself).

Encounter 1: Shalja

Passive Hero Power: Fel Lightning: After you play a card with Overload, cast a random Lightning spell!

The first battle in Chapter 3 is a sparring match between Aranna and Shalja. Shalja’s Hero Power can quickly wipe your minions off the board so be ready for a potentially long bout.


  • Imprisoned Felmaw is a good early play for dealing with the Spirit Wolf minions summoned by Shalja’s Feral Spirit spell around Turn 4. When Shalja casts Feral Spirit, get ready to reestablish board presence as her Hero Power will clear the other minions you’ve played.
  • Flanking Strike is also good for dealing with Spirit Wolves and Ashtongue Battlelord.
  • It’s not a bad idea to build up an Aldrachi Warblades or Kingsbane weapon with Deadly Poison and Twin Slice if you have extra mana over the course of a few turns to deal with Shalja’s Ashtongue Battlelord minions (or to go face if you’re able to remove enemy minions through other means).
  • I was able to overwhelm Shalja by Turn 9 by keeping her Wrathscale Naga on the board and using its ability to turn my Gahz’rilla into an absolute monster. If you can keep Gahz’rilla alive for a few turns, you should be able to secure the victory fairly easily.

Encounter 2: Karnuk

Hero Power: (2) Demonic Light: Deal 2 damage to a minion. If it dies, restore 4 Health to your hero.

In this fight you take control of Aranna’s Sporelok acquaintance, Sklibb. Sklibb utilizes a modified Big Druid deck along with his unique cards, Glowcap Mushroom. The key to this fight is to stat-boost the minions in your deck with Embiggen and then bolster them even more with your Hero Power once you’ve established board presnce to overwhelm Karnuk’s impressive healing abilities.

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  • Use Embiggen as soon as you draw it to boost minions like Marsh Hydra, Ysiel Windsinger and Glowcap Mushroom.
  • Use your Hero Power after you’ve attacked with a Glowcap Mushroom and it’s taken damage to boost your minions on the board.
  • Use your Hero Power in conjunction with Coordinated Strike for effective board removal.
  • If you have established strong board presence, play a Glowcap Mushroom and then destroy it right away with your Hero Power to give your minions a quick boost before attacking.
  • Use Germination on boosted minions like Coilfang Warlord for insane value.

Encounter 3: Jek’haz

Passive Hero Power: Rocket Wings: Your minions have Rush and Windfury.

Jek’haz is an arakkoa with a daunting Hero Power that gives his minions Rush and Windfury. Don’t let Jek’haz’s Rocket Wings dissuade you, though — the fight is fairly easy thanks to the new Demon Hunter cards in Aranna’s arsenal.


  • Make sure you establish strong board presence in this match. The only way Jek’haz can beat you is if he gets ahead of you with minions and uses their Windfury attacks to overwhelm you.
  • Use Taunt minions like Wrathspike Brute as soon as possible to ward off Jek’haz’s minions.
  • If you can pull off a Karnuk + Shadowstep combo, it’s pretty much game over for Jek’haz.

Encounter 4: Magtheridon Prime

Passive Hero Power: From My Oil Comes Rust: After your hero takes damage on your turn, summon a 2/2 Rusted Fel Orc.

Originally ousted from his Lord of Outland post by Illidan Stormrage in World of Warcraft lore, Magtheridon has returned in Hearthstone on the side of the Rusted Legion, looking to reclaim his Black Temple throne.

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This fight may take you a few tries; Magtheridon Prime can quickly fill the board via his Hero Power and his Endless Legion spell, which draws 3 cards and summons any minions drawn.

Your best bet is to hope Magtheridon Prime depletes his own HP with self-damaging cards while you build board presence and draw your Demon Hunter teammates through both your Hero Power and card draw abilities and play them as soon as possible.

You’ll need lucky draws and smart plays to win this battle. Try for some (or all) of the following opportunities.

  • Remove Wrathguard in ways that does the most damage to Magtheridon.
  • Use your Hero Power to discover one of your Demon Hunter teammates and play them as soon as possible.
  • Use Illidari Felblade with the Outcast effect to take out an enemy minion for free, then bring it back to your hand with Shadowstep and repeat the process.
  • Use Ashtongue Battlelord in conjunction with Karnuk to bolster your Lifestealing healing.
  • Use Karnuk with Outcast to summon an Imprisoned Antaen.
  • Gain the Outcast effect from one or more of your Demon Hunter teammates.
  • Be wary of which Demon Hunter teammate you play first against Magtheridon Prime however, as he’ll usually use Crush to remove it next turn.
  • Pray Netherwalker discovers a useful Demon minion.
  • Use Immolation Aura and Chaos Nova to clear enemy minions at the most opportune times.

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Did our Hearthstone Trial by Felfire walkthrough help you transform Aranna Starseeker and her cohorts into Demon Hunters? Let us know in the comments.

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