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Best ISO-8s for Thor in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Thor, the Asgardian God of Thunder is one of the most powerful and renowned characters in the Marvel Universe and his Mjolnir-wielding might is represented well in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (he ranks in at #3 overall in our Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Tier List).

As an added bonus, Thor isn’t only one of the most powerful heroes — he’s also one of the most versatile, with several fun builds which best utilize his strengths. The following guide will help you determine the best ISO-8s for Thor in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

The best ISO-8s for Thor in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

The best ISO-8s for Thor in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Team Ninja

Thunder God Thor ISO-8 build

Remember that scene in Thor: Ragnarok when Thor awakens his true power and starts laying waste to undead Asgardian berserkers on the Rainbow Bridge with jagged, blue lightning emanating from his body and crackling all throughout the air?

That’s the idea behind the Lightning Thor ISO-8 build which, as you probably might have guessed, bolsters Thor’s trademark powers of thunder and lightning (specifically his Thunder Strike and Stormbringer special abilities) through Shock damage ISO-8 crystals.

Equip Thor with Orange “Increase the damage of attacks with the Shock ability attribute by 21.4%” (preferably two to four) ISO-8 crystals and (one or two) Orange “Increase the critical-hit chance of Shock ability attribute attacks by 11.6%” ISO-8 crystals.

If you need your Shock damage Thor to be a little more tanky, add a Red “Recovers 4.1% of Shock ability attribute done as HP” ISO-8 into the mix.

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Thor Level 300 base stats in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3














Tank Thor build

Speaking of Thor being tanky, on account of his 36,564 base HP, the 3rd highest base total in the game (not counting the game’s final secret character), as well as an inherent resistance to Electricity damage, Thor can more than adequately serve as a bulky tank in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

You can take a few different routes: You can bolster Thor’s HP even further with Red “Increase Vitality” ISO-8 crystals and a pair of Red “HP recovery every 10 seconds” ISO-8 crystals.

Or you can stack the aforementioned ISO-8s into his build and mix in a Green “Increase Damage resistance” gem or a Green “Increase likelihood of being targeted” gem if you want to increase the chances that Thor pulls the enemies’ aggro (ideal if you want to play a squisher damage hero while the computer controls tanky Thor).

There’s also a new triple Rainbow ISO-8 crystal which drops in the Shadow of Doom epilogue with the attributes, “Gives 2.3 HP recovery every 10.0 seconds,” “Recovers 1.9% of damage done as HP,” and “Increases critical hit chance by 5.9%” that would be ideal for tank Thor as well.

Team Ninja

Stagger Thor build

One of my personal favorite Thor builds is the Stagger Thor build. The Stagger Thor build, as its name implies, is designed to optimize Thor’s ability to shatter enemy Stagger bars with Mjolnir’s Might (and to a lesser extent, Hammer Throw).

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The best ISO-8s for Thor in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 for a Stagger Thor build are three to four Orange “Increase damage to the enemy’s Stagger gauge” gems as well as a damage ISO-8 gem of your choice for the final gem — preferably a Purple “Increase damage done to enemies” gem or Orange “Increases critical-hit chance” gem.

Did our best ISO-8s for Thor in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 guide help you clear through Thanos, Dr. Doom and the rest of the game’s enemies with greater efficiency? Is there Thor ISO-8 build that we left out? Let us know in the comments.

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