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The best ISO-8s for Wolverine in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Wolverine is one of the premiere melee damage dealers in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, ranking in at #4 on our Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Tier List. He boasts the best self-damage buff in the game with Primal Rage, excellent boss/stagger bar shredding capability and can even take a licking and keep on ticking thanks to his Healing Factor passive ability.

If you truly want Wolverine to be the best there is at what he does in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, be sure to follow our following guide on the best ISO-8 crystals to equip him with below.

Best ISO-8s for Wolverine in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Piercing/Attack Slasher ISO-8 crystal build

The Piercing/Attack gem ISO-8 build for Wolverine should be the easiest one to put together. Because all of Wolverine’s special abilities are Piercing Attacks — Claw Strike, Adamantium Assault and Berserker Barrage — it’s also the most intuitive ISO-8 build for him as well.

You’ll need at least three Purple ISO-8 crystals with “Increase Damage of Piercing Attacks” and one with “Increase Crit Chance of Piercing Attacks.” You can also try straight “Increase Damage of Piercing Attacks” crystals across the board or an additional Crit Piercing Attack Crystal. If for some reason you’re having trouble getting Crit crystals to drop, you can substitute any of the gems for an “Increases Strength” or “Increases Damage Done,” although they’re not quite as optimal.

Elemental Berserker ISO-8 build

Imagine how scary Wolverine is with his adamantium claws out. Now imagine Wolverine, only his claws are permanently laced with Fire or Electricity. That’s the idea behind the Elemental Wolverine ISO-8 build, which sees Wolverine equipping Ice/Shock/Fire ISO-8 crystals.

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You’ll need to equip Wolverine with one Orange “Add Ice/Shock/Fire” ISO-8 crystal to give him permanent Elemental damage and then equip the rest of his slots with “Increase Damage of Ice/Shock/Fire.” The idea is that you can max out the Orange Elemental damage crystals at +24.9% damage, which is more than the 19.2% damage to Piercing Attack crystals; therefore 3 Elemental damage crystals gives Wolverine +74.7% damage plus the Damage Over Time which Burning enemies take from Fire damage, for instance.

Giving Wolverine Elemental damage gems and synergizing him with team members who also do Elemental damage or also do damage to Frozen/Paralyzed or Burning enemies is also an efficient way to bolster the damage done to enemies with Wolverine’s Elemental build.

Tank Wolverine ISO-8 build

Although he’s not the bulkiest character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Wolverine can still be used as a serviceable Tank thanks to his Healing Factor ability.

Equip Wolverine with one Green “Increase Likelihood of Being Targeted” ISO-8 crystal, one Green “Increase Damage Resistance” ISO-8 crystal and then preferably two Red “HP Recovery Every 10 seconds” ISO-8s and at least one Red “Increase Vitality” ISO-8s.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 – Wolverine stats at Level 300














Note: Although I list the following ISO-8 crystals as their corresponding colors — Purple, Orange, Red, etc. — the same obviously applies to Rainbow crystals as well. I only denote them as their individual color to make it easier to discern the abilities listed — if you have the Rainbow ISOs for any of the following builds however, they’re even better if their second attribute is also a helpful one or, best case scenario, a double attribute.

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Also remember, the best ISO-8s for Wolverine in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 are situational and dependent on what portion of the game you’re in. If you want to deal damage, you’ll usually want to go with the Piercing/Attack Slasher or Elemental Berserker ISO-8s build; if you need survivability, consider going with the Tank Wolverine build.

What do you think are the best ISO-8s for Wolverine in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3? Did we leave out any builds that you’ve found to be helpful in the game? Let us know in the comments.

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