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The best ISO-8s for Storm in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Ororo Munroe AKA Storm is one of the X-Men’s most battle-seasoned (or should that be battle-weathered?) members and among the most powerful mutants on Earth; her mastery of the weather also makes her one of the powerful characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 – she ranks in the top ten of our Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Character Tier List.

Storm’s attacks in MUA3 are all Energy-based, making her ISO-8 crystal choice straightforward at the surface level; however, there are a number of unique configurations with which to play to Storm’s myriad strengths and shore up some of her weaknesses. The following guide will help you determine the best ISO-8s for Storm in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Energy-boosted Storm

This configuration is the most straightforward when it comes to the best ISO-8s for Storm in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, but it’s efficient nonetheless.

Storm’s attacks, from her light attacks to her heavy attacks to her Abilities are all Energy-based; therefore stacking five “Increases the damage of energy attacks by 19.2%” Orange ISO-8 crystals will boost everything in her meteorological manipulating repertoire by nearly 100%.

Another option is to run two or three of the aforementioned crystals along with some “Increases the critical-hit chance of abilities by 12.1%” to give Storm’s special attacks some extra intensity in the form of critical hit chance.

If you are having trouble coming across any of the previously mentioned crystals, the “Increases ability damage by 20.2%” Orange ISO-8 will suffice, although keep in mind that this crystal won’t bolster any of Storm’s light and heavy attacks.

Team Ninja

Ice Barrage Storm

All four of Storm’s special abilities are useful and lethal to boot, but her Ice Barrage ability stands out because its damaging effects are only the tip of the iceberg. Ice Barrage is a move which can be delivered in rapid-fire succession; an area of effect attack which hails down upon numerous enemies; acts as crowd control by freezing its opponents; and also positions Storm in the air and out of harm’s way from enemies on the ground/melee attacks.

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On account of all these factors, it’s a good idea to devise a Storm build which focuses upon bolstering Ice Barrage’s damage and/or intensifying its freezing effect. Behold, Ice Barrage Storm.

The ideal setup for Ice Barrage Storm includes two to three of the “Increases the damage of attacks with the ice ability attribute by 24.9%” Orange ISO-8 crystals. You can decide whether you want to reinforce Storm’s ice damage even further with an additional “Increases the damage of attacks with the ice ability attribute by 24.9%” or shore up Ice Barrage’s critical hit percentage with a pair of “Increases the critical-hit chance of ice ability attribute attacks by 13.1%” Orange ISO-8 crystals.

Another route you can pursue with Ice Barrage Storm is to take advantage of the freezing status effect on Ice Barrage instead of only intensifying its damage. For this you’ll need at least two “Decreases the number of attacks you must land before inflicting a status effect by 34.0%” Orange ISO-8 crystals. Two crystals will put the chance to freeze enemies at 68%, which should be enough to freeze most regular enemies in their tracks; since bosses have higher resistance to elements, you’ll have a better chance of freezing them if you add a third status effect crystal.

Because freezing enemies also makes it easier to deplete their stagger bars and stun them, it’s also recommended to throw in a “Increases damage to stunned enemies by 25.0%” crystal, but you can pair the aforementioned status effect crystals with “Increases the damage of attacks with the ice ability attribute by 24.9%” Orange ISO-8 crystals if you’d rather keep consistent overall damage with Ice Barrage.

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Storm Level 300 base stats in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3














Weather the Storm: Survival Storm Build

There is one caveat that comes with playing as Storm in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: she’s a glass cannon, which means although she can dish out crazy good damage, she’s on the frail side (she’s tied for the second lowest in the Vitality and Resilience stats and the third lowest in Durability).

This build bolsters Storm’s staying power so she can continue doing what she does best. The best ISO-8s for Storm in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 in terms of boosting her durability are three to four “Increases damage resistance by 15.5%” Green ISO-8 crystals along with a “Gives a 3.4% HP recovery every 10.0 seconds” Red ISO-8 Crystal for good measure.

Other notes:

Naturally, if you come across the Rainbow ISO-8 versions of the aforementioned crystals, which come with two color crystal bonuses on the same gem, it’d be more advantageous to use that crystal instead of a single color ISO-8 crystal.

Also, if you find yourself running out of energy points with any of these builds, the “Increases Energy by 9.8%” Blue ISO-8 crystal is a viable option as well.

Did this guide help you determine the best ISO-8s for Storm in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3? Do you have any of your own suggestions for Storm builds in the game? Let us know in the comments.

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