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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: All the Incredible Infinity Incentives locations

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3‘s Incredible Infinity Incentives event presents a number of objectives which have players revisiting various chapters of story mode on Superior (or Ultimate) difficulty; if you meet specific parameters you’re able to unlock prizes such as XP Cubes, artwork and voice line packs.

The guidelines present some fun and interesting challenges which draw from the Marvel Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe source material such as defeating the Kingpin with four members of the Defenders in your group or defeating the Destroyer with four members of Marvel Royalty.

For players who are deep in the Level 300 character grind and haven’t touched story mode in a while, the following list will pinpoint the exact parts of the story you need revisit in order to complete the Incredible Infinity Incentives event (and hopefully save you from sitting through a few unnecessary loading screens as a result).

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Incredible Infinity Incentives locations

  • Defeat 15 enemies in the Sandman battle – Chapter 2-2 Prison Yard Entryway
  • Defeat Kingpin in Chapter 3 with the four members of Defenders – Chapter 3-6 Penthouse Entrance
  • Defeat Destroyer in Chapter 9 with four members of Marvel Royalty – 9-8 Great Hall of Asgard
  • Defeat Infinity Sentinel in Chapter 5 by using Synergy 20 times or more – Chapter 5-3 Athletic Courts
  • Complete the Chapter 6 Dormammu encounter in 15 minutes – Chapter 6-8 Path of No Return
  • Clear Chapter 10 – Chapter 10-6 Sanctuary
  • Defeat Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight in Chapter 5 on ULTIMATE difficulty within 5 minutes – Chapter 5-6 Grand Foyer
  • Defeat Klaw in Chapter 8 within 15 minutes – Chapter 8-5 Grand Promenade
  • Defeat Surtur on the rainbow Bridge in Chapter 9 with all team members’ health at 25% or higher – Chapter 9-3 Hela’s Halls
  • Defeat Ronan in Chapter 1 at SUPERIOR difficulty – Chapter 1-3 Kree Bridge
  • Defeat Green Goblin in Chapter 2 at SUPERIOR difficulty without anyone equipping ISO-8 – Chapter 2-10 Control Tower Roof
  • Defeat Bullseye in the inner room of Chapter 3 at SUPERIOR difficulty within 15 minutes – Chapter 3-4 Ancient Altar
  • Defeat Maximus in Chapter 7 at SUPERIOR difficulty with all team members’ EP at 10% or higher – Chapter 7-3 Main Corridor
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Hopefully this guide helped you better locate the objectives for the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Incredible Infinity Incentives. Which objective was your favorite to revisit? Would you like to see more objective based missions like this in the future?

Special thanks to moak0 on Reddit.

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