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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How to beat the Celestial boss in Shadow of Doom Gauntlet mode

For many Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 players, the most dread-inspiring, infuriating villain isn’t Thane, Thanos or even God Emperor Doom — it’s the Celestial.

Which makes sense, considering the Celestials are some of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. But still: laser beams, lightning strikes, self-healing and knockback explosions on a narrow bridge make the Celestial one of the most frustrating experiences in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Shadow of Doom expansion.

Don’t throw your Switch controller off the Soul Stone cliff on Voromir just yet, though. Once you learn the method to the Celestial’s madness, the fight is a piece of ISO-8. In the following guide, we’ll show you how to send the Celestial careening back to the cosmos.

Celestial, Shadow of Doom story mode

If you’re wondering how to bypass the reassembling Celestial as it tries to hinder your progress on the Latverian drawbridge, refer to our Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Shadow of Doom story mode walkthrough, under the Celestial Gauntlet heading. This section will tell you which characters to select to most efficiently maneuver through the Gauntlet as well as how to defeat the Celestial once it’s fully reformed.

Celestial, Lvl. 220 and Lvl. 240 Gauntlet

The Celestial returns to ruin the day of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 players the world over in the Shadow of Doom Gauntlets; first in the Level 220 Gauntlet, Cosmic Catastrophe and again in the Level 240 Gauntlet, All Hail Doom!

Because the Celestial has scaled up in Level from the Story Mode encounters, the battle can be even more frustrating in the Gauntlet on account of the Celestial’s healing ability being far more effective. You have to time this fight correctly to succeed. Here’s how to beat the Celestial:

  • As a priority, defeat the Rocket Doombots (the ones with the missiles strapped to their backs). They’ll drop missiles which you need to pick up and lob at the Celestial. Make sure your trajectory path is clear so you don’t accidentally throw the missile at a different enemy instead of the Celestial and waste it.
  • The Celestial will periodically unleash a series of area of effect attacks on the castle walkway. These include a concentric AOE in the middle of the platform, with a gravity effect; spam the dodge button and get to the outskirts of the platform to escape the suction effect and avoid the energy attack.

    1. Four whirling, rainbow-colored tornados. Use jump and dodge to weave your way outside the sinuous path of these.

    2. A vertical energy attack that will take up the middle of the platform. Get to either the left or right hand side of the platform to avoid it.

    3. Several rings around the platform whereon the Celestial will channel lightning attacks. Make sure to move out of the designated, yellow circles where the attacks will land.

    4. An attack which confuses your party and forms a transparent dome in the middle of the platform. Do your best to remain immobile during this so you don’t injure yourself moving into the dome.

  • At some point during these attacks, Insectoids will spawn which drop purple Anti-matter orbs. Ignore these orbs when they drop for the meantime. You’ll need them soon.
  • When you deplete the Celestial’s Stagger Bar and stun it, continue launching missiles at it if you can. When the Stagger Bar fully replenishes, the Celestial will begin charging an attack which heals it substantially. As soon as the Stagger Bar reaches full again, pick up the purple Anti-Matter orbs and throw them at the Celestial. The orbs will negate the Celestial’s heal and deal massive damage.

And that’s how you beat the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Celestial boss once and for all. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments section or leave me an e-mail:

Need help deciding which characters to select? Check out our extensive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Character Tier List, which ranks every character in the game viability-wise.

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