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Hearthstone: New Scholomance Academy expansion introduces Dual Class cards and Spellburst keyword

Going back to school might not be the best idea in the real world right now thanks to the whole coronavirus pandemic situation, but thankfully for Headmaster Kel’thuzad and the rest of the faculty at the fabled college of magic, such worries don’t exist. Besides, they’ve got the whole “vile things lurking in the dusty crypts beneath the schoolgrounds” thing to worry about first.

That’s right, those leaks we were talking about yesterday were on the money — Blizzard’s official press release confirmed the newest Hearthstone expansion is in fact, Scholomance Academy.



Dual-Class cards

Scholomance Academy, which is famous for giving its pupils a “richly varied magical education across multiple mystical disciplines” will feature brand-new Dual Class cards with “unique mashups inspired by both classes’ strengths” and up to ten class combinations such as Druid/Hunter, Hunter/Demon Hunter, Priest/Paladin, Paladin/Warrior. These Dual-Class cards will comprise 40 of the new 135 cards on the way this expansion, so they’ll play a big part in terms of gameplay possibilities.

Wand Thief is a rogue mage minion with 1 cost 1 attack 1 health text reads combo discover a spelllightening bloom is a 0 cost druid + shaman card that reads gain 2 mana crystals this turn only Overload for 2

The 10 class combinations are:

  • Druid/Hunter
  • Hunter/Demon Hunter
  • Demon Hunter/Warlock
  • Warlock/Priest
  • Priest/Paladin
  • Paladin/Warrior
  • Warrior/Rogue
  • Rogue/Mage
  • Mage/Shaman
  • Shaman/Druid

New Keyword: Spellburst

The new keyword for this expansion is Spellburst, a new one-time effect which can be triggered by Spellburst minions or weapons that are in play; when said Spellburst minion or weapon is on the board, casting a spell will trigger their Spellburst effect. The first three cards revealed as Spellburst minions are Wretched Tutor, whose Spellburst effect deals 2 damage to all other minions; Goody Two-Shields, a rare Paladin Divine Shield minion whose Spellburst grants him a new Divine Shield and Diligent Notetaker, a rare Shaman minion whose Spellburst returns the Spell to your hand.

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wretched tutor is a 4 cost 2 attack 5 health neutral minion that reads spellburst deal 2 damage to all other minionsgoody two shields is a 3 cost 4 attack 2 health paladin minion with divine shield and spellburst gain divine shielddiligent notetaker is a 2 cost 2 attack 3 health shaman minion with spellburst return the spell to your hand


Studies are another new feature of the Hearthstone Scholomance Academy expansion which brings back the Discover mechanic, allowing players to Discover a card right away and then reduce the mana cost of the next card from that type played. “At Scholomance Academy, dedicated study is rewarded with power!”

Other quality of life changes include a new Scholomance Academy game board:

And Class specific frames, as evinced by the Hunter class’ Stormhammer weapon below:

More information, per the official Blizzard press release, including the Year of the Phoenix Phase 2 roadmap, the Hearthstone Scholomance Academy Mega Bundle card packs which will be made available before and after the game’s release and the brand-new Kel’thuzad Mage Hero portrait.

Year of the Phoenix Phase 2

year of the phoenix phase 2 roadmap

year of the phoenix phase 2 roadmap

Scholomance Academy marks the beginning of the second phase of the Year of the Phoenix. Between now and the next expansion, you can expect several major updates from us, including balance patches, new Battlegrounds Heroes and minions, a seasonal event, and what was previously spell-locked—a new solo experience and Battlegrounds feature! Let’s not forget—a new game mode is on its way as well! We’ll have more details to share on these exciting developments in the months to come.

Pre-Purchase Scholomance Academy

Pre-purchase one or both Scholomance Academy bundles, available in-game and on the web shop!

The Mega Bundle includes 85 Scholomance Academy card packs and, for the first time ever, 5 of those will be Golden Scholomance Academy packs—each filled with Golden cards! The Mega Bundle also includes one random Scholomance Academy Golden Legendary card, the Kel’Thuzad Mage Hero, the Kel’Thuzad card back, and a Tavern Pass, which includes 4 Arena tickets.

Scholomance Mega Bundle

mega bundle

scholomance bundle

Scholomance Bundle

The Scholomance Bundle Includes 55 Scholomance Academy card packs, the Kel’thuzad card back, and a random Scholomance Academy Golden Legendary card.


Log in and Get Transfer Student for Free

transfer student is a 2 cost 2 attack 2 health neutral minion that has a different effect based on which game board it's played onWith today’s 17.6 patch all players can log in to receive two copies of the Epic Neutral minion, Transfer Student, for free!* Transfer Student has different effects based on which game board it’s played on, with 25 different effects in total, and can be slotted into your decks immediately!

*Limit two per account. Must log in by October 20 to claim.

We released the 17.6 patch today with balance changes, Battlegrounds updates, and more! 

Check out the 17.6 patch notes here.


The Hearthstone Scholomance Academy expansion will release in early August. For a look at more of the cards revealed so far, check out our Hearthstone: Scholomance Academy Kel’thuzad lore and new card analysis.

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Are you ready to go back to school, Scholomance-style? Let us know what you think about the Hearthstone Scholomance Academy expansion reveal in the comments.

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